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Craig — LiveJournal

Suzanne's Oud

Experience is memory as organism. Photography is memory as mechanism.
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Ten Degrees of Orion

Reality is a consequence of massenergy in spacetime.
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Partial Solar Eclipse and Sunspot AR2192, 16:35MDT, October 23, 2014

The experience of coincidence often exceeds the sum of its parts.
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Pleiades Rising: Tidings of Autumn

The soul of every clock and calendar is relative motion: observer to observed.
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Thor's Anvil
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... a homely life has moments of glory: Cholla in Bloom, Truchas.
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Gravity is a tendency to form... A Gathering of Relations: The Double Cluster in Perseus.
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All experience is retrospective... Andromeda galaxy, 2.5 million years ago.
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Change is the only constant... its absence an abyssal darkness.
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Time, space, matter and energy are metaphors that attempt to comprehend change.
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